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2° Open Call for Business Digital Transformation Projects is finally open!

Within the SILEO (Eurocluster), the 2° Open Call for Business Digital Transformation Projects has been launched and will stay open until 25.03.2024 at 17:00 CET.

Visit the SILEO Submission Platform to apply

This 2° Open Call will fund up to 27 projects submitted by an individual SME operating in the lighting and furniture sector. The Business Digital Transformation Projects aim to access and implement specialized consultancies in collaboration with technology providers chosen from the SILEO Pool of Technology Uptake Facilitators. 

The SILEO Call envisages the following expert services:

  1. General expert consultancy on company digitalization processes;
  2. Specific expert consultancy on identified advanced technology and/or digitalization process to concretely explore its potential uptake at the company level, its implementation procedure into the firm operations, and the scale of investment;
  3. General expert consultancy for business transformation and market analysis: support in market intelligence analysis including an outline of the size of the (new) market (segments) potentially accessible thanks to the company’s technological upgrading, product demand, trends, customers, and competitors.

The official list of validated organizations who have express their interest in supporting lighting and furniture SMEs is available on the  The SILEO Pool of Technology Uptake Facilitators will be regularly updated

The complete list of technology experts validated by the SILEO project is available on the SILEO Submission Platform. The Pool of Technology Uptake Facilitators will be regularly updated with the addition of new organizations interested in supporting companies within the scope of the following call. The application process for experts will close on 08.03.2024 at 4:00 PM. To apply and become part of the official SILEO project list, click here.

Click here to access the SILEO Pool (update 16.01.2024).

The Business Digital Transformation projects have a duration from 2 to 5 months, and the project budget is 5,000 EUR (lump sum) per SME/project.

For further information, please contact