Luce in Veneto is a lighting cluster made up of 51 SMEs in the smart lighting sector located mainly in the Veneto Region.

Luce in Veneto is the subject officially recognized by the Veneto Region as the representative of the “Venetian Smart Lighting Regional Innovative Network” in the “Sustainable Living” context of the RIS-3 smart specialization policies.

Luce in Veneto works in order to connect different companies and their specific skills to generate synergies and new business opportunities for the lighting sector. This strategic approach allows the cluster to have an active role in the evolution of the lighting sector at a regional level, pushing towards the concept of “smart lighting” with the promotion of new products and services capable of leading to greater well-being of citizens and better solutions in the field of energy efficiency.


Companies of Luce in Veneto have a proven experience in the field of lighting that can count on a solid set of technical skills and lighting techniques, as well as different styles, use of unusual materials, new forms and new light sources.

The expertise of the companies results in the use of precious and refined materials and finishes – glass, Murano glass, crystal, ceramic, metal, marble and other precious materials meeting the taste of the most demanding customers – treated with care and competence. This is accompanied by continuous technological research capable of ensuring the use of cutting-edge light sources and manufacturing processes, opening the doors to a boundless aesthetic and functional experimentation.

The companies consider design an integral part of every project. Each product is exclusive and studied to the smallest details. Aesthetic care, combined with excellent craftsmanship and novel technologies are the basis of new product concepts, thanks to the ability to predict the trends, offering classic and contemporary products, made with top quality materials and perfect finishes.


Most companies of Luce in Veneto stretch over nearly the whole Veneto Region, with a prevalence in the interprovincial territory of Treviso, Padua and Venice (73 % of the companies).
Breakdown of the companies by location of headquarters:

  • 27 % in Treviso Province
  • 23 % in Padua Province
  • 23 % in Venezia Province
  • 15 % in Vicenza Province
  • 2 % in  Verona Province
  • 14 % other


The management of Luce in Veneto is entrusted to a Board of Directors consisting of 3 to 5 members appointed for a period of three years. The board dictates the strategic approach and promotes new activities to the network.

The Board of Directors is supported in these activities by a Cluster Manager, an Innovation Manager and a Communication Manager, who operate at the headquarters of the cluster in Piombino Dese (PD).

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Luce in Veneto works closely with Local Authorities, Institutions, Research Centers, Clusters, laboratories, engineers, professional organizations both locally and at European level in order to increase the participation in new development projects and to foster a debate on the possible thematic areas of common interest in the lighting field.

At national level, it is a member of the Cluster Tecnologico Nazionale – Fabbrica Intelligente.

European Cluster Collaboration Platform

At European level it is a member of ELCA European Lighting Cluster Alliance, the Association aimed at increasing the competitiveness of SMEs in the smart lighting sector and adheres to the European Cluster Collaboration Platform, the European online platform aimed at strengthening the economy through collaboration between the main districts and industrial clusters.