Below are the services implemented by Luce in Veneto characterized by a high degree of customization towards the smart lighting sector and aimed at supporting companies in each of the lines of direct intervention – Internationalization, Research & Innovation, Training, Networking, Shared values – and transversal – Circular Economy, Digitalization and Industry 4.0 – identified by the Network.

Regional/national calls

Luce in Veneto supports the members companies partecipating in regional/national calls for internationalization and research & development projects in collaboration with Universities, Research Centres and other Venetian clusters.


Luce in Veneto has signed several agreements with a network of suppliers of products and services of interest such as agencies, associations, web portals,.. in order to guarantee the members companies advantageous and confidential economic conditions.

European Projects

Luce in Veneto promoted and is partner of some European projects in order to increase collaboration with other clusters of the smart lighting sector or complementary sectors (building, energy, home automation..) and international stakeholders. There projects  are aimed to supporting the innovation and internationalization of network companies as well as promoting and exchanging experiences with companies abroad.

Currently ongoing projects are:

Extra Light (co-funded by Cosme Programme)

EPIX (co-funded by Cosme Programme)

SILEO (co-funded by Single Market Programme)

– SHAPE-THE-LIGHT (co-funded by Creative Europe Programme)

Concludes projects:

Cyber ​​Secure Light (co-funded by Cosme Programme)

Brilliant (co-funded by Cosme Programme)

ELCA-4i (co-funded by Cosme Programme)

COURSES AND webinars

Luce in Veneto supports the member companies through the organization of training courses/ webinars with the aim of giving maximum support to the professional development of companies and staffs of the lighting industry.

B2B activities & INCOMING

Luce in Veneto defines, designs and develops tailor-made and customized B2B strategies that take into account the specific requirements of companies and the market and provides support to network companies in all phases of membership to such initiatives.

Trademarks and certifications

Luce in Veneto supports network companies in accessing the North American market (USA and Canada) through the opening of specific UL files. Luce in Veneto supports the member companies in access to trademarks and product certifications that serve to distinguish products by their specific origin, nature or quality, performing a dual function of guarantee and prestige.

For 2024 the companies participating in the initiative are:

& Costa Srl 
Diviemme Srl
Elesi Luce Srl
Euroluce Lampadari Srl
Ferroluce Srl
Il Fanale Group Srl
Karman Srl
Lampex Italiana Srl
Metallux Snc
MM Lampadari Srl
Multiforme Sas
Patrizia Volpato Srl
Selene Illuminazione Snc
Siru Srl
Sillux Srl
Henge Srl
Sylcom Light Srl
Tooy Srl
Zava Srl

Advanced electronic lighting

Luce in Veneto supports the member companies in the adoption of advanced electronic lighting to be integrated into their products. In particular, Luce in Veneto has implemented the ELIV system, a family of dimmers that, integrated in the lamp or installed separately, allow total control of the light.

Participation IN fairs or events

Luce in Veneto supports member companies in participation in fairs and missions in foreign countries and at international exhibitions and events.

Databases & Market Analysis

Luce in Veneto supports member companies by collecting relevant data on particular target markets. This service allows companies to get a complete view of the specific market segment which they address, both at the micro and macro economic level.


Luce in Veneto supports member companies that intend to participate in private and public tenders. This type of service includes a fundamental role of Luce in Veneto in the preliminary relations with the client to prepare the documentation necessary for the collection of the material and its price.



Venetian Smart Lighting Award is the annual premium promoted by Luce in Veneto to reward the best lighting products and solutions made by companies – members of Luce in Veneto and located in the Veneto region.

For more information about the services, please contact: | Tel. +39 049 9350457

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