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Via G. Di Vittorio, 12
Pian dell’Isola, Rignano sull’Arno (FI), Italy

Tel. 055 8347136 – Fax 055 8347575

Our Story Arte Luce, one of the most representative brands of Italian style in the world, was founded by Enrico Benedetti in the mid-60s, after a long apprenticeship spent learning craft in the shops of Florence.
Since then, he has designed and produced collections of lamps, chandeliers and furnishing accessories in hand wrought iron, decorated with tradition, elegance, and design. Our decorations, more than 15 kinds, are the result of the Florentine tradition. The gold leaf is the classic example.
To stay abreast of an evolving market, the company has interpreted the new trends adding constantly decorations and bringing its articles into modernity. We can customize every item because we exclusively produce on order satisfying the most exigent request of our clients and designers or architects.
All items are entirely Made in Italy such as the lampshades. Even the ceramic roses that enrich some of our collections are made in Capodimonte, a place known all over the world for the art of ceramics.
The Arte Luce brand is guaranty for quality and Florentine craftsmanship, made and finished by hand, from the forging of the iron
to the decoration. A long history that of Arte Luce. The passion that guided Enrico Benedetti continues unaltered, as well as the production technique and the professionalism. Today it is jealously guarded in the hands of his daughter Arianna and her husband Edo, the current owners of the company.