Euroluce Lampadari s.r.l.

Euroluce Lampadari s.r.l.

Via Aristofane, Sn
76123 Andria (BT) – Italy

Tel. +39 0883 559385
Fax +39 0883 595264

Ours is a story of passion for the Italian manufacturing sector, right since the start, when we were just a small but dynamic and innovative company working in the lighting sector and making light fittings.
That passion is renewed day by day, and is confirmed by the success of the new collections and by decades of loyalty of our clients, who are also our friends.
But the real secret to our success is linked to the human factor and to the extensive know-how that our craftsmen, technicians and creative staff have succeeded in building.

Euroluce is the expression of centuries of Italian tradition for the harmony of things done well.
The designers and architects that work in the design department and at Studio In Project are committed to conveying shape to light, often anticipating style trends, with a creativity that enhances its formal rigour.

The search for perfection, attention to detail, the finest materials and components and the highest-quality manufacturing: our creations are the fruit of the work of skilled craftsmen.
The planning of promotional events and participation in the most important specialised shows at international level represent an important part of the company’s marketing strategies.