The May 19th, 2016 Luce in Veneto started the initiative to support the companies in accessing the North American market (USA and Canada) opening two UL files in General Coverage.

The General Coverage program does not include product testing, but requires a preliminary analysis to determine whether the product displays characteristics that allow their certification under the applicable UL standard. Once ensured the technical requirements of the program, the UL follow-up service will assess the compliance of the same over time. The opening of these files will allow the companies participating in the initiative, whose products meet the safety requirements established by the General Coverage program, to use the prestigious UL Mark on their products.

The long process of preparation has led to the creation of an internal regulation for the subscribers companies for a quality management of the production chain and to the signing of an insurance policy with adequate limits for the markets as a further guarantee for the North American consumer.


Luce in Veneto maintains a constant monitoring of the evolution of the smart lighting sector elaborating or acquiring market research on different areas such as:

  • Trend of development of the world market of luminaires
  • Trend of world market development of LED lighting fixtures and related information
  • The European market for lighting fixtures
  • State of the development of luminaires e-commerce
  • The market for lighting fixtures in Russia
  • The economic opportunity with the Internet of Things (IoT) for Smart Home
  • International trend of development of the high-end furnishings sector