Via A. Volta, 7
63857 Amandola (FM) – Italy

Tel. +39 0736 840162

Founded in 2015 by Valeria Giacomozzi and Valerio Tidei, TOOY originates from the desire to introduce innovative and sophisticated products defined by strong craftsmanship and originality and able to satisfy the taste of both an older and younger discerning audience seeking sophisticated aesthetics. TOOY succeeded in creating a unique and unmistakable language stemmed from a design research and an ongoing and experimentation of innovative shapes, precious materials and original finishes. Each and every product has been designed to illuminate residential as well as public places. The strong design content is never intended for its own sake, but is conceived to enhance usefulness and functionality without ever neglecting its aesthetics. An artisanal production, completely Made in Italy, allows the satisfaction of customers’ demands of customization, often necessary in the contract sector, delivering highly tailored final solutions.

TOOY’s narration of light always displays its reverence towards culture, quality and innovative aesthetics that creates sharp accents for shared and residential spaces. TOOY’s mission is ambitious; TOOY is a young and passionate brand, ready to bring a breath of fresh air in the world of lighting sector, while raising the banner of “Made in Italy”.