Sylcom Light Srl

Via Ferraris, 21
30038 Venezia Spinea (VE) – Italy

Tel. +39 041 5411061

With a ten-year history and roots imbedded in the most authentic Venetian glassmaking tradition, SYLCOM interprets present-day tastes and anticipates the future with a global language which – via the radiance of light – defines its values in terms of expertise, innovation and passion for beauty. Light is thus intended as energy that illuminates all types of interiors via creative dynamism giving rise to highly artistic lighting fixtures that enhance the quality of the glass, its transparency and its colours and shapes.

In SYLCOM, skillful craftsmanship is combined with refined design, tradition and technology, becoming part of an age-old process or miracle of glass making intended as an alchemical assemblage of natural elements. Expert artisans transform fire, sand, pigments and water into a supple matter which enables them to model creative shapes that evoke the contours of the Venetian lagoon. A dreamlike yet vibrant city, Venice is still an endless source of inspiration in all fields of art for today’s artists as it was for those of the past. The graceful contours of the SYLCOM collections reflect the artworks of churches and palazzi, such as mullioned windows, sculptures, stuccos and molded cornices.