Il Fanale Srl
Via Bredariol Olivo, 15
31048 San Biagio di Callalta (TV)

We illuminate the spaces of everyday life with lamps that combine sophisticated design with craftsmanship.

Our family-run business has believed in the craftsmanship and beauty of made in Italy design since 1979. We prefer to use our hands, head and heart rather than machines. In this way, each one of our products acquires a unique character. Materials are at the heart of our design. We have chosen to use prestigious materials such as brass, copper and iron: them undergoes an accelerated oxidation processand acquires a special burnish that we call antique that give each piece a unique and unrepeatable look. We combine them with the finest local materials such as Murano glass and Bassano ceramics to create the authentic icons of Made in Italy.

The local production and awareness of the theme of design allow us to develop any custom idea, without any limits in terms of shape, scale or combination of materials.