Hikari Srl

Via Mirandola, 37/A
37026 Settimo di Pescantina (VR)

Tel. +39 045 8018058

HIKARI (meaning “light” in Japanese) offers standard and customized lighting solutions.

The LED market is constantly growing and evolving and while the sector offers innumerous products for every conceivable need it also creates confusion for those who must find the right solution for their own particular situation.
Our strength lies in our expertise of knowing how to identify the right product for a particular application in order to ensure efficiency and durability, all the while paying particular attention to optimizing the costs of research, development and production.
Our experience makes us the ideal partner for project developers, our staff follows each client every step of the way, offering solutions that will be evaluated collaboratively to achieve the best possible result.
Our fields of expertise and application are varied and include (but are not limited to): architectural lighting interior and exterior lighting, decorative lighting, exhibition lighting, furnishing accessories and illumination for the retail industry.