CO.E.M. Srl

Via Antonio Meucci, 40
31029 Vittorio Veneto (TV)

Tel. + 39 0438 912466

Co.E.M. is an Italian manufactured company.
It ‘s been working for thirty years in the professional electronic field. Co.E.M. produces and deals in lighting fixtures, led luminaires, electronic devices and DMX control systems with our trademark LEDIAS®.
Led linear bars, indoor and outdoor led spotlights, recessed downlights, DMX controls and system managements find ample explanations and details in Pure White, Colours and Music catalogues, giving even valid proposals of led illumination for the most varied uses.

Co.E.M., besides, being a dynamic and productive reality, ready to satisfy all the market needs, can produce luminaires based on customer specifications qualified to substitute previous classical  illumination systems. The high quality of the product and the excellence of Made in Italy make sure our products are a real  answer to all the necessities in led illumination.