Waypoint SRL

Via Mure, 61
31030 Altivole (TV)

Tel. +39 0423 915669

It was 1963 when Bruno began to produce classic wrought iron chandeliers in the porch of the house. And with these values ​​we think and create as true artisans of the richest and most fertile Italian tradition. In 2000, Way Point was born, trying to adapt to the needs of large-scale retailers a philosophy of the product and of the process that traces the setting of the old shops. In Way Point’s workshop everyone can do everything. Or almost everything. Every work, every machine can be entrusted to each of our artisans-workers, because there is no specialized figure in a single job. It is no longer the machine that makes man, binding him to his rhythms and his needs, but the man who makes the car. This choice has two advantages. On the one hand it puts us in a position to continuously generate innovation: only those who can do are able to invent. On the other hand, we guarantee flexibility: if at the last minute we are asked for a color variant, we can respond quickly because we are able to manage everything in-house.