Via Bagnolo, 5
25070 Caino (BS)

Tel. +39 030 6830602

In 1967 Luciano Bussacchini founded the MODERNOLUX lamp manufacturing company, currently LAMPEX ITALIANA, a company that operates in the Italian, European and global markets.
The company immediately established itself in the lighting sector for its customized productions linked to the world of “contract”.

Thanks to more than 50 years of artisanal experience, the flexibility of the used resources and the attention to internal processes, LAMPEX ITALIANA is able to offer a large catalog of design products and, at the same time, create custom products based on the needs of the clients, guaranteeing also on-site installation service. Lampex Italiana is able to create classic or modern projects for hotels, commercial spaces, homes and villas.
The history of LAMPEX ITALIANA is a story of commitment, passion, craftsmanship and dedication which is reflected in the company itself and its values.