Feenbo di Bottin Nicola

Via A. Manzoni, 12/A
30037 Scorzè (VE)

Tel. +39 0422 618656

“Space doesn’t exist without light”

Feenbo, with head ofice in the Venetian main land, is a modern company specialized in the production of lighting ixtures.The afirmation of Le Corbusier “Architecture is the wise, rigorous and magniicent game of volumes under the light”, resumes the company mission: to develop excellent solutions to light up spaces
and volumes satisfying the visual comfort and creating emotions either through the right bright atmosphere and the lighting object design.
Feenbo produces for the architecture, the interior design of leaving and residential ambient, for the industry and urban spaces.
The production is strictly Made in Italy, revealing a strong radication in the territory and Made in Italy traditions. The vocation of the company to
the internationalization of our products is supported by the ability to satisfying any custom made request.
Thanks to the continuous research and employment of new technologies, we developed smart products, sustainable and
recyclable, with elevated lighting performances and with a high
esthetical content.
Feenbo, with his team of planners and designers, collaborates with all architects, interior designer, landscapists, urbanists, engineers, in private and public ields, that look for an ideal partner to develop items of excellence for materials, technological content and liability in pre and post-sale service.