Viki Corp Srl

Viki Corp SRL 

Via galleria dei Borromeo 3
35137 PADOVA

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Viki Corp srl was born and developed to produce design objects, Made in Italy, which use high technological solutions, united by the fundamental characteristic of being multifunctional.

Research and Development, thanks to the juncture linked to the COVID-19 emergency, has already led to the creation of products that have these characteristics. Specifically, a table lamp and a suspension variant, Vikilamp, were developed based on the use of UV-C rays with high biocidal power. This product well represents the company’s mission because in addition to being a complement with an indisputable design and a table lamp, it allows the continuous sanitization of environments. Research and development, which is being developed through collaboration with university institutes, has led to the creation of an apparatus with a high technological content that is now subject to patent. Based on the momentum of this success, the study and development of other equipment using the same materials and which can have different uses are now underway.

Viki Corp srl aims to implement the Research and Development of new products with high technological content and with a high quality standard such as to guarantee the possibility of patenting and certifying them in internationally recognized laboratories. This path will open up new scenarios both in the technical and commercial fields and will represent the new horizon to be reached.
The company develops an intense research and development activity dedicated to product prototyping and testing in order to verify the innovations introduced step by step. New molds are made for the production of the material, new electronic components and digital control systems are tested, since the products can also integrate with existing systems and therefore interface with control protocols already existing on the market and applied to the systems (DALI, Konex , Casambi, etc.).
Research and Development will also and above all focus on the study of the most extreme situations where, for example, the need for sanitation is more pressing, also trying to meet the specific needs of certain market segments.

The company’s attitude will be aimed at focusing on continuous research and development to try to obtain the best results under the best conditions to achieve a high standard of quality and performance of the products.

The company is projected towards great goals and the two owners, already successful entrepreneurs, Alessandro Piovesan and Rubens Bressanin represent the spirit of growth and innovation that will characterize Viki Corp in the future.